Hudson Valley Food Truck

We are a mobile restaurant with a wood­‐fired brick oven, serving a fresh and international interpretation of the traditional Alsatian and Black Forest regional flat-bread snack, flammkuchen.

The Traditional

The Traditional

Local Ingredients

Moving to Poughkeepsie in 2010 to attend the Culinary Institute of America, we soon discovered the gastronomical magic of the Hudson Valley. From the local artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and markets to the farmed ingredients themselves, we decided there's no better place for us to plant our roots and engage in the movement towards a locally sustainable economy.

The flavors of our menu items will change with the seasons. The Flamms themselves will have a terroir grounded in the soil of the Hudson Valley. Check the trailer to find our Farm-2-Flamms menu, which will reflect the new harvest on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

We are committed to supporting our fellow local businesses and farms, and we hope you are too!

Traditional Methods

Flammkuchen (in German) or Tarte  Flambée (in French) is an ultra-thin, crispy pizza-like snack. Traditionally, bakers in the region between Germany's Black Forest and France's Alsace-Lorraine would use Flamms to test the heat of their brick ovens. How fast the Flamms cooked was an indication of whether or not the ovens were the right temperature for their bread-baking needs. As an added bonus, the staff got to eat the awesomely creamy yet crispy "thermometers" for family meals afterwards.  

As with many regional foods, the recipes for the dough, the cream base and the toppings vary from village to village, but after much experimentation and tasting throughout Alsace and Southern Germany, we believe we have developed our own winning dough, and the ultimate base and topping combinations. Hint: its all about the quality of the dairy.

Our Team


Andrew Chase

Chief Flammkuchen Officer

Andrew met his first flammkuchen while working at the Alsatian bistro, Picnic Market & Cafe in NYC. They were calling her "Tarte Flambée" at the time, but Andrew's Bavarian wife, Conny, knew better. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, he spent a year primarily in Germany but also France, Austria, Mexico and Ireland, honing his flammkuchen craft, catering and volunteering on organic farms, pretending he knew things about plumbing, electricity and fencing. As it turns out, that's a pretty good way to learn, and great preparation for the food truck adventures ahead.

Conny Chase

Die gute Seele & der Hausdrachen

Growing up in Munich, the heart of Bavaria, Conny tasted her first Flammkuchen at a very young age. Coming from a family that savors dry Rieslings and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Flammkuchen – the traditional snack to wine tastings – were a set menu item in her diet. Conny’s education represents the vast variety of Flammkuchen tastes: masters degree in cultural studies, long working experience in the event business, certified business coach and communications trainer, food bon vivant and survival whiz. The Black Forest Flammkuchen Co combines all her favorite things and ties the strings of her life together.

Jonah Giltz    Sous Chef/Kitchen Manager, Schlepper, Bandana Afficianado

Jonah Giltz

Sous Chef/Kitchen Manager, Schlepper, Bandana Afficianado

Matthew Chase        Art Director, Designer, Taster / Eater

Matthew Chase

Art Director, Designer, Taster/Eater